Florence Smith is an educator in a theme park in Alabama who lost her fiancé in a tragic wreck. Riley Simmons is the owner who grew up in the park and inherited it from his uncle. She, along with her mom and sister, experienced abuse at the hands of her father’s brother. Riley lost his dad when he was ten years old. A kind policeman helped Florence, her sister and mother escape the abuse when the girls were young and he put their uncle behind bars. Riley’s Uncle Frank helped him cope with the loss of his father by helping run the theme park. Working together, Riley and Florence begin to have feelings for each other. Will they be able to establish a relationship and have a future together when the past comes back to haunt her? Can Florence move on with the memories of her loss in order to love again? With the theme park as the setting, will the couple be able to escape the danger looming before them or will they be strong enough to have a future? Good friends and family surround the couple with encouragement, humor and help in times of crises to lead them closer to love.


Karen Smith, her mother, and sister grew up in a household of abuse. Her father had drunk himself to death and her mother had to move in with their uncle to provide a home for her children. They would find out the uncle was no better than their father. He was abusive to them all. Karen’s sister, Florence, took the brunt of the abuse in order to protect Karen. After their uncle is sent to prison, Karen and her family begin to heal and find happiness in life. Her sister finds a career and falls in love. At her sister’s wedding, Karen becomes reacquainted with an old family friend. He’s much older than her, but when he saves her one night from being assaulted at the coffee shop in which she works, he becomes her friend. Then as they spend more time together, Karen begins to see him as much more than just her savior.

Curtis Dalton had a history with Florence. She was engaged years ago to his brother, until his death. Curtis still kept in touch with Florence over the years. At her wedding, he sees her sister, Karen. They become friends. One night, he arrives at her work to check on her and saves her from a man intent on assaulting her. That night is the beginning of a connection between them. Curtis begins to see Karen as much more than his friend’s sister. She becomes the woman he wants to protect and he wants her in his life for good.

Karen and Curtis become serious about one another, but there is a man who is obsessed with Karen who will do everything in his power to destroy Curtis and make Karen his once and for all. The couple in love must work together to fight this enemy in order to live the life they deserve, together.


Leslie Dalton was not a stranger to tragedy in her family. Her younger brother had been killed by a drunk driver. Her older brother, Curtis, would soon be marrying the woman he fell in love with after saving her from a man who was an abuser of women and a killer. Leslie found happiness with her design business, her family and her best friend Henry, whom she had known since high school. It went without saying she was in love with her dog, Jethro. Knowing about loss in her life leads her to reach out to a man who was grieving not only for his wife, but his sister-in-law as well. Their deaths made a good man feel he had nothing left to give after experiencing such sorrow in his life.

Wally Sternum, Jr. was a man in pain. He was a chiropractor who partnered with his dad in their business. He survived by having a vocation of helping reduce pain for their clients on a daily basis. Wally was good at his job but felt too broken to have another relationship. His wife was dead. He felt as if he had died with her.

After a rocky beginning, Wally’s heart begins to thaw when he and Leslie begin to spend time together and he realizes maybe he can have a life after all. A man obsessed with Leslie may jeopardize their happiness. Can two people who have suffered heartbreak find a way to beat the odds and the danger lurking in their lives find a love for each other? Only working together with the help of family and friends to overcome the evil threatening their lives may give them the chance they need to find the true meaning of love.


Dr. George Huntington is considered a brilliant young doctor in the field of medicine. He’s a Pediatrician, looks like a young Jimmy Stewart, and believes he has a great sense of humor. His best friend is Riley Simmons, who always has his back and calls the good doctor, Hunt, just like everyone else does in his life. Hunt always has a sunny attitude, even though his fiancé left him for another doctor, no one laughs at his jokes and he was passed up for the position of Head of Pediatrics at his hospital.

Marlena Taylor grew up on a farm she always wanted to leave. Even though she was raised by good parents and dated a handsome man when she was in college, she always wanted more out of life. So, she and the young man broke up and she moved away from the farm. Years later, distraught and feeling alone, she made a sacrifice to save her father from a deadly disease. With her father in remission and with the help of good friends and their families, Marlena is on her way to a bright future.

Hunt and Marlena’s paths cross during a tragedy and then they realize that maybe the struggles they went through in the past will help them figure out their future…


Georgia Wynfrey lost her husband before she got the chance to tell him that they were going to have a baby. She attends a grief group where she meets Drew Myers, a local detective, who is there attending with his mother because of the death of his father. The detective soon realizes that Georgia may be in trouble. Her brother-in-law, a local police chief, would like to take the place of his brother in her life by marrying her and helping raise the baby. Georgia doesn’t feel that way about her brother-in-law, but he won’t take no for an answer. Drew Myers has to use all his experience as a detective to protect her. But soon he falls in love with her. Can he keep her safe and stay in her life? The detective and the police chief both want to stay in her life and soon have to face off to determine who is the better man for Georgia. Which man will be there for her in the end? Read A Witness for Love to see who will be there for Georgia and her baby.


Love’s Redemption is a story about Calvin and Lillette.

He’s the local police chief and she is an even planner with the city. Their paths crossed often with their work and Lillette wants to go out with Calvin. She finds her chance one New Year’s Eve. They experience a night of passion together and Lillette feels like she has found the man for her and can’t wait to see him again.

Calvin didn’t contact her again after that night. He moved on from Lillette and she became bitter and unforgiving, especially when she finds out he wants to marry his widowed sister-in-law and help raise his brother’s baby. When he realizes his sister-in-law is in love with someone else, he begins to figure out what he lost with Lillette.

Calvin wants to ask for her forgiveness, but will Lillette give him a second chance?

Read their story to find out if there really is redemption in love. Enjoy the story and thank you for reading the books in the Over the Bay Series.